Innovative AI-Based Doppler for Point of Care Diagnosis

Keeping Patients Out
of the Emergency Department


We develop innovative AI- based lung Doppler  diagnostic devices. Our  technology is suitable for bedside diagnosis and monitoring of cardio-pulmonary diseases in emergency and primary care environments.

Value to 
Healthcare Services

Our technology can provide accurate and rapid diagnostics to improve patient care. EchoLogic-Medical technology will potentially: 

  • Reveals un-diagnosed cardio-pulmonary disease
  • Increases diagnostic confidence.
  • Improves disease management

Designed to Support the Entire
Patient Treatment Cycle

Improves disease management for the entire patient treatment cycle from initial diagnosis to home monitoring.


EchoLogic-Medical leads the way towards the development of a fast, simple and reliable method for diagnosis of heart and lung diseases.

Simple Operation

Does not require use by skilled physicians or specialized technicians in contrast to conventional echo-based devices.

Fast Patient Diagnosis

Our AI based devices produces results in 3-5 minutes.

Accurate Results

The results of extensive clinical studies show an accuracy of nearly 90%.

Established in 2006, EchoLogic-Medical Ltd. develops innovative ultrasound Doppler systems for the diagnosis and monitoring of cardiac and pulmonary diseases. The company will deliver a fast, reliable and non-invasive method of diagnosis. Our technology has undergone successful clinical trials in the United States, Europe and Israel. The company research and development center is based in Haifa, Israel.

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For further information about EchoLogic-Medical technology, contact us at:

Office: +972 4-8500101

Caution:  Echologic Medical is developing an investigational device. Limited by Federal law for investigational use only in the United States

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Get in Touch

Send us a quick message and will get back to you as soon as possible.

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